Our Beliefs


  • Energy Star® appliances are installed wherever possible, reducing your utility bills and greenhouse gas emissions

  • 100% recyclable carpet with stain resistant technology reduces petroleum use and landfill waste

  • VOC-free and low VOC paint, vinyl flooring, and countertop laminate and carpet improve air quality for a healthier indoor environment

  • Energy efficient lighting reduces utility bills, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

  • Our on-site recycling and education program for residents and staff, including renovation debris and corporate e-waste, reduces landfill waste

  • Centralized laundry facilities in many communities reduce energy use up to 50% as compared to in-home laundry and saves over 8,000 gallons of water annually per apartment community

  • Centralized water filters in many communities reduce landfill waste and save money by eliminating need to purchase bottled water

  • Smart irrigation technology ensures landscaping is only watered when necessary

  • Water reducing toilets, faucets and appliances in common areas reduce water consumption and energy consumption for laundry appliances

  • Environmentally safe cleaning products used in common areas are biodegradable and minimize toxic indoor fumes

  • Our Go Hybrid preferred parking program allows residents to enjoy their own preferred hybrid vehicle parking space

  • Bicycles and electric carts for on-site staff and resident bike racks create a quieter living environment and improve air quality

  • Public transportation options listed on community pages support residents' efforts to minimize transportation costs while reducing carbon footprint

  • Many community personnel live on-site, improving air quality by eliminating commute time and greenhouse gas emissions

  • Online resident services including applications, rent payment, newsletters, and work orders are all paperless transactions that reduce landfill waste

  • Green move-in gifts include BPA-free aluminum bottles and reusable shopping bags help reduce landfill waste